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Some would say that love preserves marriage but I say it is marriage that preserves love.

Filled with personal anecdotes, analogies, and experiences of a 40-year marriage, this book will inspire you to know the love your wife really wants and practical steps on how to fulfill that love. The first step as a husband is knowing the love your wife desires, the second step is loving her like a real Man.

Through Christ’s example you will learn how to:

  • Communicate with understanding
  • Lead with purpose
  • Become one with an unbreakable bond
  • Discover the reason for a dynamic sex life. (Yes, Jesus goes there too)


As you read through this book, you get caught up with the awesome realization of Christ’s heart beat and love for His church. It makes this truth applicable to husbands on how to love their wives in the same way. Each chapter gives you a different picture of practical ways, possibilities and opportunities that affords husbands how to apply these truths in his relationship, first to God and then to his wife. It is a must for every husband to read and has my undivided endorsement.

—Retired Pastor and Marriage Counselor Ike Dyck



Russ and his wife Carol of 40 years have lived most of there lives in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. It is here that they raised a family and established deep roots in the local church. Their family of 2 children has grown through marriage and now have 5 grandchildren.

Over the last 38 years they have volunteered in teaching in their church’s children’s and youth program and show no signs of slowing down.

Russ has had a lengthy careen in sales and marketing while enjoys painting and running in marathons. After a long career in school administration, Carol now volunteers her time in many church programs and has a passion for home décor and crocheting.

Together they love traveling with friends and family and sharing their passion for marriage and family to the world around them.

What’s it about

I wrote this book to all men that have a desire to discover how every woman wants to be loved and practical everyday example on how to fulfill that love. These principles will work regardless of your culture, experience, or faith.

Scattered throughout are brief “Notes to wives”. (For those that are reading their husbands book.)

To every man who has a passion for their love life… this book is for you.

For a sneak preview click here

For a sneak preview click here


From the business world of sales and training, to his countless opportunities of teaching in their local church, Russ has developed a unique teaching style. With many analogies, humour and real-life examples, Russ is able to convey principles in a way that are easy to understand and practical in application. Whether at a men’s retreat or marriage seminar you will both be challenged to grow in your marriage and encouraged to take that next step.


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